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Andreina Kero visited the International Society for Pediatric Oncology 2014 meeting in Toronto, Canada (22.-26.10.2014)

Every year, the SIOP organizes an international meeting for medical doctors, researchers, nurses and childhood and adolescent cancer survivors. It is the largest international meeting for pediatric Oncology. This was the first time for me to attend this meeting and 1900 participants were registered in total. It was exciting to be part of such a large-scale congress with many very interesting lectures concerning clinical work and therapy protocols with childhood cancer patients, as well as basic research concerning pediatric Oncology. There were many interesting sessions held at the same time, so it was not always easy to choose which lecture series to attend. I listened to the keynote lectures that were held on rather general topics, such as pain management in pediatric cancer therapies, protocol changes and the international consortium developing childhood cancer guidelines. Additionally, specific lecture topics were very interesting, including the molecular biology studies on ALL and epidemiological studies.

I gave a presentation on my research topic in epidemiology and it was a unique experience to be able to hold a talk in such an international setting. Attending this meeting showed the importance of also meeting researchers in person to be able to discuss topics together instead of anonymous email contact. It was very interesting to meet experts in the field of epidemiology in person and to also discuss issues of our study with them. Lastly, the meeting provided new insights into the current clinical work with childhood cancer survivors. This will be very important in the future, since my aim is to subspecialize in pediatric hemato-oncology after specializing as a Pediatrician. The attendance in this meeting was a great and exciting experience. I hope to be able to contribute to next year´s SIOP meeting to be able to attend it and learn more crucial aspects about pediatric oncology on my way to subspecialization.


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